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Dentist Tangier

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Dr. Chaimaa Badrour Orthodontist in Tangier Morocco, distinguishes herself as a renowned specialist in smile aesthetics, dental surgery and clinical orthodontics.

Trust - Softness - Quality

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Thanks to her in-depth expertise, Dr. Badrour Chaimaa is committed to providing quality dental care, with an emphasis on improving smile aesthetics, performing precise dental surgery and correcting orthodontic anomalies.




Our practice builds trust by taking into account the needs of each stage of dental treatment.




Dr. Chaimaa Badrour offers dental care with a gentle touch, creating a comfortable and soothing experience.




Our practice is committed to providing exceptional dental treatments for radiant smiles.

Dentist Orthodontist in Tangier: Discover the Best Professionals for Your Oral Health

Welcome to Dr. Badrour’s dental center in Tangier, the reference address for exceptional dental care. As an established dentist in Tangier, Dr. Chaimaa Badrour is proud to be one of the region’s most qualified oral health and aesthetic dental professionals. Our dental practice in Tangier puts the health and beauty of your smile at the heart of everything we do.

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dentiste tanger
dentiste à Tanger, Dr. Chaimaa Badrour

About us

Dental Surgeon in Tangier Dr. Chaimaa Badrour

Dr. Chaimaa Badrour: Renowned dental surgeon in Tangier, expert in smile aesthetics, dental surgery and clinical orthodontics. With her impressive academic background and her passion for dental aesthetics, facial aesthetics and implantology, Dr. Chaimaa Badrour offers superior care, making her an essential reference in the field of dentistry.

Cabinet Dentaire Tanger : Advanced Technologies for Your Smile

Our dental practice is committed to maintaining the highest standards of dental care, using the latest technological advances and following industry best practices.

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Join our community, focused on dental health, for a radiant smile and optimal oral hygiene. Together, let's discover the path to balanced, radiant oral health.

Here are a few opinions from our customers:

Our customers’ testimonials testify to our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional dental care, combined with a warm, personalized approach.

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Dr. Chaimaa Badrour
Based on 69 reviews
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Ismail BaladiIsmail Baladi
15:47 02 May 24
Khadija RouassKhadija Rouass
18:11 27 Feb 24
momo lemmomo lem
10:03 07 Aug 23
Dentiste Pro et investie. L'équipe aussi est au top. Je suis venu suite à une infection dentaire très douloureuse. Tout est réglé avec soin et délicatesse. Docteur qui vous explique ce qu'elle fait, très rassurante. Je recommande+++.Merci encore
casa servicescasa services
17:09 11 Jun 23
je suis parti chez dr chaimaa pour des douleur suite a une rage de dent ,en un clin d'oeil elle ma soulagé meme si je suis parti sans rendez vous je vous remercie infiniment
faouzi bastorfaouzi bastor
17:08 11 Jun 23
quelle compétence et courtoisie et professionnalisme
Dedel DedelDedel Dedel
10:50 11 Jun 23
Vraiment au top très professionnel et vraiment très à l'aise bravoContinuer comme ça
Amina DaferAmina Dafer
10:13 03 Jun 23
Il me fait plaisir de vous recommander Dr Chaimaa Badrour, professionnel de confiance dans le domaine de la dentisterie. Ayant eu le privilège de bénéficier de ses services, je peux attester de son expertise et de son dévouement envers ses patients.En plus de ses compétences professionnelles, Dr Chaimaa Badrour et son équipe sont chaleureux, amicaux et attentionnées. elles créent une atmosphère accueillante dès votre arrivée dans le cabinet, ce qui contribue grandement à atténuer toute appréhension que vous pourriez avoir.En somme, je recommande vivement Dr Chaimaa Badrour à tous ceux qui recherchent un dentiste à Tanger; compétent, attentionné et passionné par son métier. Son professionnalisme et sa personnalité font de chaque visite chez elle une expérience positive et agréable.
FAQ sur notre centre dentaire a tanger

Do you have a question?

For a detailed estimate of all treatments we invite you to visit us for a consultation, which includes a detailed clinical examination and a radiological examination, the latter will help us to make the right diagnosis and therefore the right treatment plan, at the end of our appointment, our receptionist will give you your file which includes the X-ray and the personalized estimate.

Dental scaling is generally considered safe and beneficial for oral health. In fact, regular scaling at the dentist is recommended to prevent dental problems such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontal disease (infection of the tissues supporting the teeth).
Scaling may seem aggressive, as it involves the use of special instruments, such as a scraper or ultrasonic probe, to remove tartar.

However, when carried out by a qualified professional, scaling is generally safe and does not weaken teeth. On the contrary, it helps maintain good oral health by removing unwanted buildup.
Some people may experience slight tooth sensitivity after scaling, but this is usually temporary and disappears quickly.

Tooth whitening can sometimes cause temporary tooth sensitivity, but it should not cause intense pain. Some people may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity during or after the whitening treatment. This may manifest itself as increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods, sweet or acidic beverages, or even cold air.

Tooth sensitivity after whitening is usually short-lived, and often disappears within a few days of treatment.
We recommend using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and avoiding hot or cold foods and drinks for a period of time.

Mouthwashes are not intended for daily use.
Some mouthwashes contain more powerful active agents and may be recommended for short-term use, for example to treat a mouth or gum infection. Excessive use of these products can disturb the natural balance of the mouth, leading to undesirable effects such as staining of teeth or irritation of mucous membranes.

The duration of orthodontic treatment can vary considerably depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the orthodontic problems, the treatment method used, the patient's cooperation and individual response to treatment.

For minor orthodontic cases, such as minor corrections to tooth alignment, a course of treatment can last from 6 to 12 months.

However, for more complex problems, such as severe malocclusions or misaligned jaws, treatment can take from 1 to 3 years, or even longer in some cases.

The duration of a dental veneer treatment can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the number of teeth to be treated, the initial condition of the teeth, the techniques used and the patient's specific aesthetic goals.
In general, the dental veneering process can be divided into several stages, which can take several weeks to complete.

For minor orthodontic cases, such as minor corrections to tooth alignment, a treatment can last from 6 to 12 months.

However, for more complex problems, such as severe malocclusions or misaligned jaws, treatment can take from 1 to 3 years, or even longer in some cases.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our team is here to help and support you throughout your oral health journey.


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